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Audiofanzine put the Waldorf Streichfett digital synthesizer to the test. Released earlier this year, the small box is designed to replicate the sound of vintage string machines.
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Dark Synth: A Worthy Abelton Plug-in?

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What is Dark Synth? It is just the latest in the efforts to give the Max for Live synthesizer added depth and control for digital sound generation. It’s a polyphonic additive that comes with 136 presets and it won’t take up much space on your HDD – just 9.5MB. It takes on a needed area for sound development in that it hits up the traditional minor and fifth chords nicely in a bass tone so that an overall production has the character it deserves. Is it a worthy plug-in? Let’s take a look!

Shape the Sound Quickly and Easily

The issue with most synth plug-ins is that they just don’t effectively replicate the sounds that you really want. In this area, Dark Synth makes a valiant effort to be different, but just doesn’t quite make it. It’s one of the best plug-ins in terms of audio generation that exists today, but that’s because of its ability to specifically shape the sounds you want quickly and easily. If you’re looking for software-based sounds, however, this is definitely a plug-in to get!

The best part about this software-based synth is the fact that you can manually control the waveforms from Abelton while you are using the synth controller itself. With a mouse in one hand and the other on the keys, you can create specific audio waveforms on the fly that can add more bass depth, additional treble, or boost your mid-range with literally one-click ease. Drag the mouse up and down to create a unique waveform, adjust the sounds to perfection, and you’re ready to begin recording.

Animate Your Waveforms For Added Variation

For me, the most difficult part about playing the synth is to get my hand on the tuning knob to animate the sounds in person. I’m so busy turning knobs and tweaking sounds that when it comes to that final part of the equation, I find myself searching for the knob and missing the mark. Dark Synth has made this tuning process easy by allowing for waveform animation during the recording process. It will travel back and forth between two unique waveforms you’ve created so that your sounds are interesting and insightful.

Dark Synth also allows you to modulate the sounds so that the frequencies being heard are tweaked just enough to give width or depth if desired, but also a solid narrow soundwave if that is your preference as well. You can separate the sounds so that they are heard independently while still following the programmed waveform or you can combine them together for a classic dark house chord feel.

Is Dark Synth Worth the Investment?

If you’re looking to create the classic wobble bass that is found in many of today’s modern arrangements, this is the best synth plug-in to help you do that. You’ll spend just as much money on loops that you’ll cut and splice as you would to get this plug-in, so if you’re struggling with modern e-bass sounds, this is definitely a good investment.

For everyone else, it depends on your application. There are some weaknesses associated with this plug-in because of how it generates audio through a software platform, but it compensates for those weaknesses with added depth in a classic way that is difficult to find in other plug-ins. Because of the ability to fully manipulate the sounds and the versatility of sound from the origination, we recommend this plug-in for your recording needs.

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