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Free DIY Minimoog

Submitted by on April 27, 2014 – 8:34 pm 5 Comments

The Moog Minimoog is one of my favorite all-time synths. It was the first synthesizer that I played that produced a sound that I could almost see (see synesthesia).

Of course the only problem with Minimoogs is that they are now getting quite pricey.

Well, why not save some money – here are PDF plans for a completely free, DIY Minimoog. Well, sort of… It’s made of paper.

Ok, so it’s not a real Minimoog, but’s it’s darn cool. Print it out, follow the directions and there you go. The papercraft control panel even tilts up like a real Mini.

Download the PDF here. Enjoy!

If you want to check out an actual, playable, real DIY Minimoog, check this one out here.

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