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Audiofanzine put the Waldorf Streichfett digital synthesizer to the test. Released earlier this year, the small box is designed to replicate the sound of vintage string machines.
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The Arturia MicroBrute: Monophonic Bliss

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If you’re looking to get something that will be an all-in-one package for your synth needs, the Arturia MicroBrute is not it. For an MSRP of just over $200, to expect a full synth package that is comparable to synths that cost thousands of dollars more is an unfair comparison! When looking at synth options in this price range, however, it becomes clear to see that the MicroBrute brings a level of monophonic bliss that is incomparable.

The MicroBrute Easily Interfaces with Ableton

Playing your synth at a gig can help to pay the bills, but when you want to record, why should you have to pack up your gear to go pay a rental fee at a studio? The Arturia MicroBrute easily interfaces with Ableton to play sequences that you can then modify while it is running a recording sample. This makes creating customized synth samples extremely easy, loops fast, and your recording production costs much cheaper!

The MicroBrute Is Incredibly Easy To Control

Want to control the LFO? Then all you need to do is utilize the mod wheel. With the pitch set to default, you can quickly add some flavor into any note to give your composition the interesting hooks that make people want to listen. You can loop melodic sounds and then record live key placements on top of those sounds, all while still recording in Ableton on the same recording take. An internal sequencer is easy enough to sync to Ableton as well – all you’ve got to do is hook it up via USB.

Create More Variation Through the Mod Matrix Mix

In just seconds, you can route the LFO through the filters of the MicroBrute so that you can create more dynamic sounds with just the flick of the mod wheel. With the Mod Matrix box, you can quickly add the filter with just a quick plug-in router. Want to add in the classic wobble bass that so many artists are including because listeners love it? Simply change the octave of your melodic composition and you’ll get it with the filter routed through the mod wheel. Modify the pulse wave in the same way to get a bit of a chorus effect too.

It Integrates With Modular Synthesizers As Well

The MicroBrute is really nice for people who are noobs or the more advanced because it is so easy to use, but provides complicated audio sounds that show experience as well. A simple connection allows you to quickly oscillate the sounds that the MicroBrute can produce. Keep the hook-up through Ableton and you can record some beefy saw-like sounds in an instant. Create bass melodies, hooks, subs, metalizers or even a bass sequence in seconds. Literally anyone can sound like a pro with this machine!

It is difficult to find a similar synth at this price range that can do so much. If you love creating unique synths, then you’re going to love what the Arturia MicroBrute can do. It truly provides a tremendous amount of value for the price tag.

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