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Audiofanzine put the Waldorf Streichfett digital synthesizer to the test. Released earlier this year, the small box is designed to replicate the sound of vintage string machines.
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The Simplest Way to Utilize Additive Synthesis

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One of the biggest problems with software synths is that they end up sounding rather unnatural. Even major recording programs, such as Logic, do their best to replicate a synth sound, but the end result falls well short of what an actual synth can do. In looking for a successful alternative for that quick additive synth sound for a composition, a gig, or just for playing around with sounds, there are thousands of apps and programs to consider. The best out of them all, however, is Cube Synth.

What Is Cube Synth?

Cube Synth is an iPad app that gives you the advantage of spectral morphing. By being able to morph between four unique sound sources, programming the precise synth sound that you’re looking to generate becomes as easy as tapping your tablet. The app is designed to mimic a small synthesizer in its application interface, but the sounds you get are far from small. With more than 400 sounds coming with the app, you literally have thousands of sound variations that you can create immediately upon installing it!

Gated Synth Sounds Are Possible As Well!

One of the best features about Cube Synth is your ability to change the output of the sound. Whether you want one of the many synth pads that come with the app, voice replication pads, or even gated synth sounds like a drop-in partial, these different instruments help to tailor the unique sounds that you generate through the software. By hooking up your iPad into your instrument rig, you’ll be able to create a depth to your music that will challenge any synth that costs 10 times the amount of a new iPad with this app.

Fingertip Control of Each Sound Is Simple

Do you want to add some reverb to your sound? With Cube Synth, it’s as easy as moving your fingers up on the simulated software keys that control the sound. Want to adjust one of your sound’s LFO settings? You can do that with a quick finger touch on the indicated dial. You also have the ability to adjust each sound’s pitch, spread, and sound levels as well. A general volume and brightness control is connected to all four sounds.

Are the basics not enough for you? Cube Synth has you covered too through their programmable arpeggiator. The basic randomizer works fairly well if you’re looking to just generate a quick fill sound, but if you want something powerful and specific, you can program it with up to 32 steps. Rhythmic loops with 64 stage envelopes for volume and morphing can help to complete your need for sound effects, structured loops for composition, or other typical synth need.

Is Cube Synth Right For You?

Available through the iTunes store, Cube Synth gives you the ability to micro-program sounds with unbelievable ease. It is perfect for the beginning synth student as it teaches the basic sound manipulation skills they’ll need, yet advanced enough for those synth masters that are always looking for another edge to the sounds they generate. Highly affordable at just $9.99, there’s not much risk in purchasing this app, considering how great the rewards might be!

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