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Audiofanzine put the Waldorf Streichfett digital synthesizer to the test. Released earlier this year, the small box is designed to replicate the sound of vintage string machines.
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Love Analog Sequencers? Check Out the Korg Volca Series!

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If you’re really into EDM production tools and you like the idea of having analog sequencers, then the Korg Volca Series is perfect for you! This series comes in three distinct models to allow you to fully customize a dope beat: a rhythm machine, a bass synthesizer, and a lead keys synth. Equipped with sequencing and recording capabilities, you can use each component of the series together and interactively or separately for a unique analog addition to your sounds.

Give it a fair try and you’ll see for yourself why everyone is clamoring over the Volca Series. There might not be a better way to generate fat sounds so easily!

How Easy Is It To Use the Volca?

 Though you can utilize a MIDI hookup for your keyboard or DAW software with the vintage in/out sync, what makes the Korg Volca Series so fun to use is that you really don’t need any of it to create something great. It runs off of batteries and has built-in internal speakers, making it possible for you to take your sequencers with you pretty much anywhere and still create when the mood strikes. Grooves or your needed sound can really be at your fingertips thanks to the power of these next generation synths!

Melody Creation Is Seamless!

What makes the Korg Volca Series so special is the fact that creating crazy melodies is easy and seamless. Once you’ve created your beat, you simply move over to the leads and begin to put down the melody that’s been in your head. You can adjust the length of the loop quickly to make it go out as far as 16 measures without difficulty… and you can do this with the bass synthesizer as well. When combined together, you can get a walking synth bass with a funky melody that will have people tapping their feet and dislocating their necks in literally seconds.

With Korg, You’re Not Stuck At Just the Basics Either

Maybe you’re looking for an intense sound with driving melodies that are in different octaves. When Korg says that the Volca Series works in tandem with each other, they’re not just talking about one of each machine. You can hook up multiple leads, multiple bass synths, and even multiple rhythms if you want and they will all work in-sync with each other. Considering the price of these analog synths is right in the $150 range, you can afford to purchase multiple units to create the specific sounds you want for any occasion.

Are You Ready For a Major Korgasm?

The sounds that the Korg Volca Series generates will literally blow your mind. Even just surface mixes have the ability to entrance, letting anyone with any skill level be able to quickly and easily experiment sound development their own way. If you want to create sounds that have depth, melody, lows, highs, and everything in-between, then you’ll want to invest into the Volca Series. You really won’t believe what you can do with these sequencer synths!

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