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Audiofanzine put the Waldorf Streichfett digital synthesizer to the test. Released earlier this year, the small box is designed to replicate the sound of vintage string machines.
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Korg Kronos – guess what it is, and win a Korg Monotron!

Submitted by on January 3, 2011 – 11:54 am 148 Comments

Korg has released a teaser video of the new Korg Kronus that will be unveiled at NAMM 2011. Details are extremely sketchy, but they talk about it in terms that indicate that it’s supposed to be fairly revolutionary (i.e. “Prepare to be amazed…!”).

It looks like it uses the same font as the Monotron, so that could be good news. Kronos => “time”, I wonder if that has something to do with it? It definitely sounds interesting, especially since they are once again using the name of an ancient greek titan for the name.

OK, I love speculation – so in the comments, leave your guess in the comments as to what you think this is going to be. After the Kronos is revealed, the person with the closest guess gets a Korg Monotron! Make sure you enter your email address into the comment form (email is not displayed) so we can contact you if you win. In the case of a tie, the first one to comment wins.

UPDATE: Details have been released, the contest is officially over! link: Korg Kronos details. The winner of the contest is Jan – expect your Monotron in the mail!

And just for fun, I’ll leave you with the 1957 theatrical trailer for the movie Kronos:


  • Eric says:

    I expect Korg to go in one of three directions:

    1. Kronos could be a more affordable version of the Oasys.

    2. Kronos could be an M3 with a new ROM dedicated to analog sounds.

    3. Kronos could be (Dear God I hope not) an updated home keyboard with built in speakers.

    As a side note, something that Korg seems to be avoiding is to add mouse and monitor support on their high-end workstations (Oasys and M3). As cool as a color touch screen is, I think it would be equally amazing to access the functions of said products with a mouse (mostly useful for sequencer event or sample editing) and while watching this on a huge display (like a computer monitor or LCD TV). Roland has done that for years on their samplers. And as much as I like Roland, Korg still does it for me.

    I will be purchasing a new workstation to replace my Triton Pro in a few weeks. I just need to wait and see if it will be an M3 expanded or a Kronos.

  • Simon says:

    My guess is it’s somekind of live loop mangler, a more modern ESX, a bit like the Octatrack from Elektron.

  • Daniel says:

    A new software application sequencer intended for the iPad, like the iMS-20.

  • Greg says:

    I suspect that with Korg continually entering the software/MIDI controller world, it would not be out of mind that they would create a DAW like Logic, with their softsynth library embedded as the core musical sound.


  • Erik says:

    Some sort of hybrid synthesizer.

  • jacky says:

    ableton live session type sequencer

  • Dave says:

    It will be a sequencer and a MPC equivalent rival pad Midi controller

  • D says:

    It will be a high end digital workstation with a bright/interactive screen, possibly touch screen. A lot of sampling, sequencing will be able to be done on the screen alone instead of always having to go to the computer.

  • Alex Malschi says:

    I think Kronos will be the new instrument in the style of PA2X Pro series. Arranger, workstation, advanced sampling unit, increased memory, why not new functions like comunication with DAW softwares, computer editing softwares.

  • Zsolt Kővágó says:

    After Korg continued the “M” line of workstations, now it’s time for the successor of the Trinity-Triton line, and this is what Kronos will be. “Kronos” is the Titan God of time and father of Zeus, just like “Triton” is the God messenger of the seas. This symbolic name refers to a synthesizer/workstation that is “above all”, and possibly some kind of time manipulating. But the answer is: synthesizer-workstation, successor of the Triton line.

  • Brian says:

    Well it seems the Legacy collection has reached the end of the line, no real developments expected there and its download only now, so it could be that they’re going to put the legacy collection into a hardware VA synth.

    So my guess – A VA hardware synth containing the legacy collection.


  • John says:

    I’m going to go out on a “I really hope that’s what this Kronos is” limb here. The Kronos is an authentic analog synthesizer, something akin to the now deceased Alesis Andromeda. Korg will build one of the best five octave keyboard analog polyphonic synths ever made and price it reasonably at around two grand. It’s going to have real analog oscillators, a panel full of hands on controls, and all of the bells and whistles. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

  • twotopquarks says:

    my guess is a multitrack recorder with production capabilities, a better D3200, with some touch kaoss features.something good to produce and remix a hole track.
    there are to many ways to make electronic music these days….loll!
    we need a good and more modern multitrack…that record in sd cards…not in cd!!in hard drive and with a nice touch screen with capability to load vst…
    we want a machine to put our tracks together..arrange the incoplete songs and add some really good final features to it.

  • John M says:

    I think it will be a product similar to the Yamaha Tyros – probably based on the Oasys

  • Hector Lee says:

    I’m guessing a synth workstation which revolves around a touch screen. It has new time-stretching capabilities and beat manipulation.

  • Colin says:

    I think its going to be Korgs new flagship pro synth/workstation, similar to the Oasys but with a better sound engine and more affordable. Probably coming in at around the £3000 mark.

  • Michael says:

    While Kronos with a K doesn’t mean the same as Chronos with a C, I think it’s going to be a box with delay and/or slicing/stretching/mangling capabilities similar to features found in an Eventide Timefactor, Boss Slicer, or (slightly) an Octotrack — probably just some things, slightly different. There will likely be a Kaoss Pad interface. We can hope for 1/4 inch jacks but I’m not so sure they’ve gotten the hint. There could be an analog filter similar to the Jomox T-Resonator, but … that’s probably a little far out there too. Anyway, I think it’s an effects box centered around warping/delay with a Kaoss Pad type interface.

  • Massimiliano says:

    I think:

    M1 became M3, Trinity became Triton Series these were all products that start something in a kind of revolutionary way, the same did the korg Karma, so now its time for something to succed it and this will be Korg Kronos.

    Karma = Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture
    Oasys = Open Architecture Synthesis Studio

    now lets do the math:

    Kronos = Korg Realtime O… N… Open Synthesis

    • TODGEBURT says:

      It cannot beginning with KORG Kronos = K as KORG because the Name is KORG Kronos.
      Youre eyample were KORG KORG realtime =… N… open synthesis
      BUT KORG KORG …?
      The K from Kronos means not KORG:-)

  • TODGEBURT says:

    KORG KRONOS is a . . .

    1.) new MIDI-Controller (KONTROL49 is old and the last real Controller is so far away, with Software like Novation Automap)
    2.) new Analog Synthesizer (the next level of Radias or a bridge to the older analog series)
    3.) new iPad Software (to record, produce and mix like ableton)
    4.) new Workstation (next level device like M3, M50 aso or dominat as the Oasys, but better and cheaper)
    5.) new Software Workstation (like HALion Sonic)
    6.) new KAOSSseries device (next level from the KAOSSILATOR Pro)
    7.) new nano or micro device with sound production
    8.) new producing tool (like an ELECTRIBE device)

    or thousands of other options
    I`m so impatient!!!
    Big bang or flop – we see it in 4 days . . .
    Greetings from TODGEBURT

  • Tom Erbe says:

    i’m thinking it’s a step sequencer for the monotron…

    either that or a monotron sized analog drum machine

  • Dave says:

    It uses your pulse for time signatures and brainwaves for pitch and timbre. Probably an advanced theremin of sorts…

  • Philippe says:

    Probably a new workstation but for the first time with analog filters (the same we can find on the Monotron).

    Kronos = time = back in time (analog synths) !

  • Nazra says:

    Some sort of visual synthesizer/sequencer in line with all these grid based machines that have been surfacing lately?

  • Juan Vilchez says:

    It’s a collection of past synth engines from Korg (Wavestation, Polysix, MS20, among others), with some new features and additional integration between those sound sources.

    That’s why it’s called Kronos. Kronos = Time = Legacy, heritage

  • strunkdts says:

    the KRONOS will be a metronome.

  • Jeremy Spencer says:

    it won’t be a Motif XF, that’s for sure…

  • Bren says:

    approx. 1000$ street for a 61 key synth/workstation, more software integration than the m50, KARMA built in, replaces m50. faders instead of knobs, 4 acceleration sensitive chord pads.

    my two cents.

  • jishika says:

    an external sound synth, effects processor with control surface to be interfaced to computer software to provide live play, live sound shaping but work with software DAWs like Ableton for sequencing and control. Like a hybrid between the Korg Zero mixers (audio interfaces, effects processors, midi control surface) and something like Native Instruments Kore2 or classic Korg synths (sound design). Maybe with VST plugin so that the external box appears as if it was a software-plugin, but sound is sent over usb/firewire between computer and Kronos box. Maybe with new DAW software, but maybe to work with existing DAWs. Something to bridge live performance and production.

  • Tommy says:

    Its definitely a workstation with some properties of the monome- versitile, so the functions of buttons are fully programmable. Just knowing korg, itll probably have some kaoss functions, too!

  • MonotronMaster says:

    Hello !

    I think Kronos is a synthetiser based on granular synthesis, with a touchpad like KP3 for main control of synthesis (maybe 9 granular layers), an analog low-pass filter (maybe multi-mode ?) like Monotron and a sampler like Microsampler (!). A lot of controls could be directly accessible (fader, potentiometer, pad, …).
    Keyboard of 2 octaves, black color with withe serigraphy. Plugs : MIDI in/out/thru, expression/cv in, and stereo audio in 6.3 for processing exterior audio signal (sampling and filter(s)). Maybe an analog-style step sequencer of 2 range of 8 potentiometers…
    Price : about 1500€/2000$

    I hope ^^

  • Joseph Palestina says:

    I believe that the KRONOS is a lesser expensive version of the Oasys platform that retains workstation capabilities with more emphasis given to its potential use as a live performance keyboard. I believe the “9” refers to physical organ drawbars (like the Roland VR-700) which, in my opinion, would greatly enhance its usefullness as a live performance keyboard.

    As for amazed, I can only hope that the 9 refers to individual modules that can be used to customize the platform to each individuals taste. I say this because as good as the Oasys is, it has some functions and capabilities that many people did not need. Even in is basic form it was and still is too expensive for most people. If the KRONOS is the basic platform to which an individual can build (customize) over time, or as new modules become available, to meet their individual needs (without anything superflous) – that would be great.

  • SammyJames says:

    I am guessing that this product listens to audio inputs, like, say, what your drummer plays into a mic, and then generates MIDI clock tempo information based on that input. This would, in turn, let you drive an onboard sequencer, LFOs, delays, and modulators generally. You could also theoretically take such a clock signal and use it to drive other units, like computers, other synths, and what have you.

    This is NOT unprecedented, by the way. In the late 1980s/early 1990s, there were products on the market that could generate MIDI clock data from an audio input. Those products, however, were never implemented in synthesizers or synth workstations, as far as I know.


  • McHale says:

    Kronos is a dedicated hardware controller that can have the Korg VSTi’s installed on it. You can install one, a few, or all on it. It’s similar to the OASYS in that respect but different because they are the same Korg soft synths that anyone can purchase for their PC’s.

  • Dr.Martin says:

    It’s a next generation all-in-one workstation

  • Hamish says:

    I think it could be a new hot shit MIDI breath controlled type instrument.

    I think Yamaha have done one with 18 ‘joystick’ type buttons, a touch sensitive expression strip and a breath controller.

    So maybe they have made either a controller, or one with built in sounds that can be used either ‘analogue’ (i use the term loosely – ie, knobs and switches etc) or digitally (computer generated patches with maybe a footswitch or patch selector control on te instrument)

    The whole ’empower your creative spirit’ thing points me here.

    Cheers guys, heres hoping!

  • Hamish says:

    Correction, its Eigenlabs not yamaha.. Many more buttons too! Also excuse my language!

  • Arild Høston says:

    I think it is an workstation with open operative system, who can play vst/vsti, a loop-player a la Stylus, converter from audio to midi (solo) and a new version of Karma!

  • Compatibles2 says:

    I expect Kronos to be Kron-OS, some new kind of Operating System embeded in a kind of man-machine interactive synthesizer, designed to generate music based on both traditional (keyboard) and other kinds of input. Kron provides the ability to schedule (midi)commands to run at specific triggers, times or at specified intervals, like a sequencer does. Kron will be triggered by movement, brainpulses, light or others such as finger gestures on a touchscreen.

    Probably the K in Kronos stands for Korg. The other letters might be R for Repetitive, O for Organic, N for Neural. In other words a next generation Oasis/M3 on Steroids.

  • Warren Jacobs says:

    My guess, Its like the arturia origin and contains old classic analogue (MS20) and digital synths (M1, Wavestation etc) synths. Got USB, can be loaded into your DAW and wireless talks to your ipad/iphone if you want it to. Or is this just what i want it to be…

  • Josef Horhay says:

    I guess it’s a Software based softsynth – everything korg has made in the past 10 years merged into a KRONOS synth engine quite similar to omnisphere.

    going for round 500-600 USD


  • SynthGear says:


  • Sean says:

    We have the first data and images of Kronos, the new workstation Korg . The Japanese brand has pulled the house out the window, bringing to market a synth with more than 12 GB SSD hard disk samples, 9 synthesis engines together, 16 units of effects and KARMA technology.

    Features in detail

    There are 9 synthesis engines on a single workstation, available in 61, 76 and 88 keys. The engines are:

    SGX-1 Premium Piano: German piano with more than 4 GB in samples. 8 layers and the choice of opening angle of the tail of the piano.
    MDS EP-1 Electric Piano, electric pianos (with sound “signature” by George Duke, Herbie Hancock Rodan Rudess or others)
    Tonewheel CX-3 Organ: integrating technology famed CX-3 in the Kronos. Drawbars controllable from its faders. Leslie Posilibidad to adjust the joystick, from speed to the position you just rotate.
    MS20-EX Legacy Analog Collection: emulation of vintage Korg MS20 synth.
    -EX Polysix Legacy Analog Collection: Polysix emulation.
    AL-1 Analog Synthesizer
    NOD-7 Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer
    STR-1 Plucked String Synthesizer: a new generation of modeling. You can choose from the material of the rope, until the tension, the execution (if pick, rub with your finger …)
    HD-1 High Definition Synthesizer: A portion of all types of samples.

  • Goran says:

    As known, It will be one off top keys from Korg as usuall!
    Workstation with some new features that can only amaze us!

  • R.E. says:


  • brandon says:

    a workstation keyboard with nine sound engines

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