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Audio ring

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Luke Jerram is an artist from Bristol, England. When he proposed to his soon-to-be wife, he outdid us all: He made a ring out of silver and engraved it with a 20 second message (his proposal – “”Shelina I’ll love you for ever, marry me!”") that is playable on a specially-built phonograph.

Luke says:

100 lbf/in² of pressure was required to cut the silver ring, using a vibrating diamond stylus. The ring is also a homage to Thomas Edison who made the first sound recording machine – the phonograph in 1877.

Here’s a video of what it sounds like in action:

This is a great idea, taking the audio waveform jewelry a logical step forward. I can see making rings with all sorts of messages on them, starting with something like “We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious

Luke proposed to Shelina Nanji in a hot air balloon over Bristol in 2005. They’ve since gotten married and had 2 children Maya and Nico.

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