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When you’re creating a synth sound in your home studio, laying down tracks can be tough to do. You’ve got your MIDI connections or your microphones hooked up, you’ve got your computer nearby, and you’ve …

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Ron Mael is one-half of the band (along with his brother) Sparks. From wikipedia:

When the band hit the peak of its popularity in the 1970s, he was well-known for his strange appearance, often remaining motionless over his keyboard. His conservative clothes and unfashionable toothbrush moustache attracted much attention, as does his current pencil moustache. On stage, Ron alternates between playing the keyboard and engaging in comic mime routines, often in connection with projections on backdrop.

A distinctive guy, but I like Ron mostly for his creative taping/modding of the “Roland” logo on his synth:

Musicians tape up logos for various reasons (so they don’t promote the brand, legal obligations due to other endorsements, to keep their secret weapon secret, etc) – Has anyone else seen any interesting tape jobs on synths? If so, post it in the comments!

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