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DIY mind-controlled synth

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Robert Schneider is the singer for the indie rock band “The Apples in Stereo“, hailing from Denver, Colorado. Not happy with trying to play synthesizers with and actual keyboard, Robert modified a Mattel Mindflex(The toy is meant to control a ball by using EEG sensors) to be able to control synths … with his mind!

Rob calls the modified Mindflex a “Teletron”, with the box being hacked so the EEG sensors work as CV outputs. Here’s a video of Rob controlling a Radio Shack Moog MG-1 with his brain:

Here’s more:

And here are Rob’s instructions on how to turn the Mindflex into a Teletron, if you’d like to do it yourself:

After watching these videos, it’s become quite clear to me that controller a synthesizer without touch (Teletron, Theremin) is insanely difficult!

If you want to try this out yourself, you can pick up the mindflex for about $66 here.


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