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Korg Monotron softsynth that you can put on your website

Submitted by on July 12, 2010 – 1:49 pm 9 Comments

OK, by now everyone must think I have a Korg Monotron fetish, but I guess you’d be right judging by all my posts about it.

In case you simply can’t afford to shell out the paltry sum of $60 to buy one, and you didn’t win one of the the free ones that we gave away, here’s an awesome online, playable Korg Monotron softsynth.

Use the mouse or keyboard keys to play sounds, and right click the ribbon for sustain, so you can listen while you tweak!

You can also embed the synth in your own website – First, copy the .jar file located here (right click & save as) and put it in the root (or elsewhere) of your website. Then, use the following code on the page where you want the synth to appear:

Make sure to replace “your-site-domain-name” with your domain name and “pathtosynth” with the directory where you put the the .jar file.

Thanks again to Shannon who provided this for our Monotron contest.

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