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When you’re creating a synth sound in your home studio, laying down tracks can be tough to do. You’ve got your MIDI connections or your microphones hooked up, you’ve got your computer nearby, and you’ve …

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Scientology term or German techno artist?

Submitted by on January 8, 2010 – 5:32 pm 4 Comments

Mental Floss has a great quiz up called “Scientology term or German techno artist”, where you have to decide if a term is from Scientology or the name of a German techno artist.

When Lafayette Ronald Hubbard founded Scientology in 1952, he had no idea there would one day be something called Techno music (best done in Germany, of course) let alone a quiz devoted to comparing and contrasting them. Turns out, the two have a lot in common. See if you can tell which word belongs to which camp.

My Score was 67%. See if you can do better:

Scientology term or German techno artist?

Question 1 of 12:



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