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Vinyl record audio train

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Readers of SynthGear might already be familiar with Yuri Suzuki, the Japanese audio/electronic artist/musician. He brought us the Jellyfish Theremin and the Music Kettle, among other things.

In collaboration with Yaloslav Tencer, Yuri has come up with a great way to listen to vinyl records: Yuri and Yaloslav have come up with a train-style record player. Yes, you heard that right.

The records (mostly cheap ones purchased at thrift stores) are chopped up into thin, curved pieces, and pieced together to form connecting tracks. The “locomotive” automatically follows the path made by the vinyl pieces and plays the audio using a built-in stylus.

The result is a strange, almost random-sounding loop that changes in speed as the train moves around the track.

Check out the “Sound Chaser” below:

It’s definitely not music, but I think the concept is pretty interesting. I’d love to see this executed in bit more stable way. Sort of gives a new meaning to the word “tracks”, doesn’t it?

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