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Audiofanzine put the Waldorf Streichfett digital synthesizer to the test. Released earlier this year, the small box is designed to replicate the sound of vintage string machines.
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Steam-Powered Record Player

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Simon Lanson has created all sorts of interesting projects, but his steam-powered record player is one of my favorites.

Simon built the DIY steam engine part completely from junk he had lying around his garage. He attached it to a firebox and a heavy wooden platter, and used an Arduino processor to control the speed.

Simon says:

“What’s next? Well, the software still needs some work. One problem is as soon as the platter starts to spin the PID controller immediately pulls the throttle to the minimum RPMs. The throttle should remain at the half way point until things stabilise for a while otherwise the throttle setting can be too low for the engine to continue running. The PID also needs tuning some more to make it run well. With a bit of work I should be able to get the speed regulation a bit more constant.”

The turntable looks absolutely beautiful, and of course it’s very steampunk (Simon hates the term, and really hadn’t intended it to be yet another me-too steampunk device, but I guess that’s what he gets for using brass & wood…. and STEAM).

Here’s a video of the Steam-powered turntable in action, playing “god Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols:

Simon goes on to say:

“And yes, I know it sounds terrible.”

Simon wins the internet today for his terrible-sounding but extremely nerdy steam-powered record player!

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