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Ultimate synth-geekery: synthesizer tattoos

Submitted by on May 6, 2009 – 10:48 pm 17 Comments

Tattoos are a bit of personal choice – some feel that they can help individualize those who have them, and some people wouldn’t be caught dead with one. Most of the time, a tattoo expresses an emotion, and nothing shouts “I’m a total synth geek!” like a synthesizer tat.

Here are various synthesizer tattoos that I’ve been able to dig up. Leave some comments on what you think about these, or if you’ve got a synth-related tattoo that you’d like to show off – I’ll post it here.

First, the TB-303′s. From what I’ve seen, TB-303′s are definitely the most common synths I see on peoples’ bodies:

This one is a bit more original, a selector switch from a TB-303:

Reaktor logo:

A Monome sequencer:

Here are a few Moog Minimoog related tattoos, first the mini:

These ones are just great – the schematic for the Moog ladder filter:

Basic Synth tattoo, I’m told that it’s Kelly Osbourne’s tattoo, but I have no idea what synth has 2 mod wheels, 5-band EQ, 3-octave keyboard, and a spectrograph, lol:

A Reason Logo:

And finally, our favorite synth from the 80′s, the Yamaha DX-7:

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