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Audiofanzine put the Waldorf Streichfett digital synthesizer to the test. Released earlier this year, the small box is designed to replicate the sound of vintage string machines.
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New Roland keytar/synth: AX-Synth

Submitted by on September 1, 2009 – 12:02 pm 5 Comments

Do you want to be the center of attention and jump around at the front of the stage like your guitar player? Roland has just released the AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer – a combination keytar controller/synth.

The AX-Synth has multiple real-time controls such as a ribbon controller, Modulation Bar, Roland’s D-Beam, and aftertouch knob controllers.

The controller has 49 velocity-sensitive keys and has a generous 128-voice polyphonic sound engine. Sounds (generated by Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine …think Fantom-G) are all accessed from eight bank buttons.

Here it is in action:

The AX-Synth is now shipping with an MSRP of $1,349.00 and a street price of around $1100.

You can buy a AX-synth right here.

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  • JoeyHeadset says:

    Man, I don’t need or want the synth… I just want a keytar midi controller. At one point, didn’t Roland make a keytar style controller, then discontinue it?

  • Nick Weston says:

    Man, will Roland EVER get the pitch and mod stuff together….
    that ribbon is lame, and having to reach over to the d-beam for mod is even lamer.
    Wanted to love it, but: FAIL

  • Sam Cox says:

    Better hold on to the ax-1’s and the ax-7 controllers,it’s back to hauling around a module and ax-7 for me. This ax synth is not alot better than a Korg poly-800 around 20 years ago. It’s not worth the money. Been a die hard with roland for many years they can do better than this! Maybe the next version will be better, for now keep your ax-1 and ax-7 till roland or studio logic or berhinger or some company will listen to the players.

  • Minimoogman says:

    If I was a Roland engineer or marketing director, I would never do a midi-only keytar no more. There’s no reason for that! For US$ 1.000,00 you have a great keytar midi controller PLUS a built in synth.

    I was waiting for mine since January 2009. In October Roland launched the instrument in my country, and it was a huge success – sold out in hours… Thankfully the music instruments stores began to organize waiting lists for it, and then I could buy mine – without regrets at all.

    This is a serious instrument. Impressive sounds, ergonomic design, good battery solution (I use 8 old Philips 2600 mAhs and it goes on nicely for 2.5 hours – maybe with new ones this time can reach 3,5 to 4 hours. Six hours only with higher mAh batteries, I think).

    I had an AX1 a long time ago, and it came with a strap equipped with strap locks. I don’t know why the hell Roland decided to save costs cutting off the lockers… This comes with straps W/O security lockers…

    Because of its size, it is difficult to find a stage stand for it.

    I recently bought a guitar wireless system for it, and I kept myself looking for stopm boxes as a young guitar player would do…

  • Hi!
    I’ve just bought an Ax-Synth!
    Good instrument!

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