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The Theremin ensemble

Submitted by on December 4, 2009 – 5:24 pm 2 Comments

Have you ever wanted to hear just what 14 theremins playing together sounds like? Well members of the ensemble called “Mable” play russian doll-shaped (aka “matrioshka”) theremins, and they do so with great skill.

Here they are playing “The song of Mable”:

The Matryomin QT is an instrument created by the Japanese thereminist Masami Takeuchi. It consists of a miniature pitch-only (no volume) pseudo-theremin encased in a beautiful handmade matryoshka made especially for the Matryomin in Russia.

Because each Matryomin is handmade, they are all different, but they are work in the same way – to play one, you use your hands to manipulate the pitch of the sound, without ever having to touch it.

Here they are playing “Caravan”, originally released by Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra:

The unfortunate thing about the Matryomins is that they are pretty pricey – at $744. Still, if you must have one, you can get one here.


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