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Are you tired of cheap synthesizers that tend to fall apart at the slightest nudge? Or change their sound simply because you accidentally scratched it while changing out cords? The Dave Smith Prophet 12 is …

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Techno from the command line

Submitted by on May 29, 2009 – 11:53 pm 3 Comments

Haskell is a 20-year old advanced, open-source purely functional programming language. It’s designed to allow rapid development of robust and concise software.

Why is this interesting? Well Alex McLean has hacked Haskell enough to create a techno programming language. Commands for sounds, rhythms and rests are programmed from the command line, and the software plays a techno-based loop based on the input.

It sort of reminds me of tracker software, but a little more cut down, and somehow much more cool.  I actually like the groove that the music gets into.



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