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Audio Waveform Jewelry

Submitted by on June 1, 2009 – 11:20 pm 14 Comments

Sakurako Shimizu is a Japanese artist, curator and designer of conceptual jewelry based in Brooklyn, NY.

Sakurako has created a line of jewelry that integrates audio waveforms into the pieces via laser etching and calls it the Waveform Series. The really cool thing about them is that the waveforms are made from actual recordings such as yawns, church bells, giggles and someone saying “I do” (of course this one is for the wedding bands).

Check them out:

The “Bell” sound bracelet. I’d kill for a ring shaped like this:

The “Giggle” necklace:

A closeup:

The “Yawn” broach:

Another broach, “Wow”:

And of course the “I do” rings:

Very cool. Somehow I’m not sure if my wife would be too keen on getting jewelry with audio waveforms on it… but I think these things are awesome.

If you know of any other synth-related jewelry, please post it here!

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